A new article type in the Open Access journal MATERIALS AND DEVICES!

Perhaps did you write an article on a physical object that you prepared or synthesized, and you felt frustrated because you could describe the preparation method only in few lines ? Or you used a computing method in a simulation study and you couldn’t describe in details the method you developed during months or even years ?

Such examples are frequent, it is why we introduce a new type of articles in the journal Materials and Devices : « METHODS ».

This type of article concerns all kinds of methods, whether theoretical, computational, experimental, or sample preparation methods, whether in the form of crystals, nanomaterials, thin or thick films, multilayers, etc. These articles can be submitted before or after the publication of other articles (*) that use the method described.

The expected structure of these articles is a brief justification of the work, followed by the detailed presentation of the method presented, as well as a short description of typical results obtained by the method in question.

And as usually, publications are free of charges for authors ! Submissions may be as a free style manuscript you will be expected to prepare the final manuscript according to the template only when it is accepted !

You have methods to present in details ? Prepare the text, register as author, and submit it in the site of the journal (click here) ! Thank you !

(*) if you prepare the « METHOD » article after the article(s) that used the method to describe in detail, please respect copyrights !

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