The OAJ Materials and Devices needs you!

Materials and Devices is an Open Access journal which publishes original, and peer-reviewed papers accessible only via internet. It is also free of charges for authors thanks to volunteerism (it is owned by the scientific association Collaborating Academics). Your published article can be freely downloaded, and self archiving of your paper is not only allowed, but strongly encouraged, authors remain owner of their papers!

In its development, the journal requires reviewers, so if you are a scientist working in any of the topics related with materials, you are invited to register in the site of the journal (it is possible to register as reader, author, reviewer, it is recommended to register with the 3 options). Please take five min to do that, it will help us. Contact us also for any suggestion concerning the journal, the journal is at the service of scientists.

Thank you in advance!

Site of the journal:

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