TEAM1 – last call for abstracts

We announced since the very beginning that we would do our best to accept late abstracts. The deadline (15th of march) is now over and we respect our commitment…

However don’t wait too much: we shall close definitely the registration as soon as the maximal number of participants is reached, without preliminary announcement.

So register as soon as possible: download template and register now!

The encounter will be held in a new place, Sète, which is a nice and attractive touristic town of the south of France, on mediterranean coast. You will enjoy visiting the town, its channels, the oyster farms, the beautiful view from Mount St-Clair, mediterranean gastronomy, sea food, etc.

You will like it and TEAM1 looks to be promising for developping transpyrenean collaborations!

IMPORTANT: some people don’t know how to do with the template in ott format, it is why we have put on the site the template also as a doc file (see or click on the link download template and register).

For your information, odt and ott files are native files of LibreOffice, which was implicitely chosen by us for its great stability and compatibility between different versions. Morever this software is open source and free and exists for different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, …).

Site of Libre Office (click here): discover, download,…

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